Frequently Asked Questions

Living with epilepsy and experiencing seizures can bring a lot of uncertainty to your life. At Cedars-Sinai, you receive care from a team of experts that is dedicated to improving your well-being. We answer any questions you have so you can feel confident about your treatment. 

Epilepsy causes abnormal electrical activity in the brain. This activity leads to seizures, which are short spells affecting your behavior, movements or level of consciousness. There are many types of epilepsy, and epileptic seizures can affect your brain in many ways. Get more information about the types of epilepsy and seizure disorders we treat

Experiencing a seizure does not always mean you have epilepsy. Medications and problems such as low blood sugar can trigger seizures that do not stem from abnormal electrical activity.

To learn whether the seizures are due to epilepsy, it's important to see doctors experienced in this condition. Epilepsy experts at Cedars-Sinai perform a thorough evaluation, so you receive an accurate diagnosis. If the problem is non-epileptic seizures, we provide recommendations to lower your risk of future seizures. Learn more about epilepsy diagnosis

When you go to an epilepsy center, such as the one at Cedars-Sinai, you receive exceptional care, including:

  • Services from neurologists specializing in epilepsy (epileptologists)
  • Access to advanced testing options, such as video electroencephalogram monitoring
  • Therapies that are best for your situation
  • Wide range of treatment options, such as surgery for epilepsy that does not respond to standard treatments

Cedars-Sinai is one of the few programs in the L.A. area recognized by the National Association of Epilepsy Centers. We are a Level 4 epilepsy center, delivering the highest level of care. Get more information about seizure medications and other epilepsy treatments. 

Inpatient testing is sometimes necessary for complex forms of epilepsy, including seizure disorders that are difficult to diagnose. This testing also helps us determine additional care options if standard medications aren't successful. Find out more about our epilepsy monitoring unit.

Testing in our epilepsy monitoring unit enables our experts to:

  • Confirm or rule out an epilepsy diagnosis
  • Pinpoint the precise location of the brain where the seizures start
  • Evaluate how your body responds to certain medications
  • Plan for surgery if necessary

If you are a woman who wishes to start a family, speak with your epileptologist. Certain epilepsy medications can be harmful to your unborn baby. Our experts adjust your treatment plan to help you have a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby. Read more about epilepsy during pregnancy

People from the L.A. area and surrounding communities trust Cedars-Sinai for second opinions. Our team includes doctors who specialize in diagnosing and treating epilepsy. We perform a thorough evaluation. For complex cases, you may receive advanced testing including sophisticated imaging studies. Find out more about epilepsy diagnosis.

We develop recommendations that are specific to your needs. If you choose to continue receiving care at Cedars-Sinai, we provide regular updates to your primary care doctor. 

Surgery may be right for you if medications fail to control your symptoms. You may also wish to ask about surgery if medication side effects such as dizziness are affecting your daily life.

If you are eligible for surgery, we explain your options and how they can provide much-needed relief. We offer a broad range of surgical options, including the latest implantable devices. And our neurosurgeons are experienced in these procedures, leading to safe, precise care. 

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