Seizures from epilepsy can affect your ability to live your life. Our Cedars-Sinai specialists offer the latest tests and treatments to help people with any form of epilepsy get relief. We are a Level 4 epilepsy center, the highest level of accreditation from the National Association of Epilepsy Centers. We offer thorough epilepsy evaluations. For complex cases, we also offer advanced testing through our inpatient epilepsy monitoring unit. We determine the source of seizures and the best course of treatment for each patient.

Types of Epilepsy We Treat

Our epileptologists treat many types of epilepsy and seizure disorders, including problems that do not respond to standard therapies. 

A Patient's Guide to Epilepsy

Our epilepsy center offers a range of testing options, including inpatient video EEG monitoring. These tests allow us to better identify the source of your symptoms.  

We use personalized combinations of medications to help many people experience fewer, less severe seizures. If medications are not successful, we offer the latest surgical techniques.

If you are living with epilepsy or a seizure disorder, we provide helpful information about testing and treatments so you know what to expect. 

Clinical Trials & Research

Our doctors are advancing care for epilepsy by examining how seizures may affect a person's memory. Get more information about these efforts and other neurological disease research at Cedars-Sinai.

Medical Professionals & Postgraduates

The Neurology and Neurosurgery departments offer several programs for graduate studies, continuing medical education and other professional opportunities. 

Back on Top of the Mountain

Mark Odle reached the peak of his law enforcement career. Then an epilepsy diagnosis brought him to a low point in his life. Today, he's free of seizures and independent.

Have Questions or Need a Second Opinion?

Call us or send a message to our care team. You can also request that we call you back at your convenience. 

Epilepsy Care Program

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