Silicone Ear Reconstruction for Microtia

A prosthetic ear can be created to look very similar to a normal ear for a microtia patient by a specialist called a prosthetist or anaplastologist.

Two types of silicone prostheses may be created. One, a prosthesis that "sticks" on to the skin. The other is an osseointegrated prosthesis that requires surgery to place two or three titanium implants into bone around the ear as a special metallic fixation device onto which the prosthetic ear can be "snapped" into place.

Advantages of Prosthetic Ear Reconstruction

The advantages of prosthetic ear reconstruction for microtia patients are:

  • The ear can be made to look very realistic
  • A prosthetic ear is a simpler process with less risk than surgical reconstruction
  • It provides an option for patients who are not candidates for surgery

Disadvantages of Prosthetic Ear Reconstruction

The disadvantages of prosthetic ear reconstruction for microtia patients are:

  • It is hard to hide the seam where the silicone is next to normal skin. Matching skin color, which changes throughout the year, may be difficult.
  • Repeatedly removing and replacing the device may cause breakage or the need for it to be readjusted
  • Children and adults may lose the device while engaged in sports or through any rigorous activity or it may just fall off
  • A prosthesis requires frequent care and periodic replacement