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Meet the Medical Genetics Institute Expert Team

Our multidisciplinary team of prefessionals comprises physicians, genetic counselors, nurses and social workers particularly trained to address the concerns of a family with a history or risk for a genetic disorder or birth defect. This team provides detailed evaluation of the family history, clinical genetics examinations, prenatal examination (for pregnant couples) and performance of a number of genetic tests, risk assessment and counseling.

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Eris M. Field Chair in Diabetes Research
Director, Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism
Director, Endocrine Genetics Laboratory
Professor, Medicine
IM Endocrinology
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Director, Clinical Genetics and Dysmorphology
Director, Dysmorphology Program
Professor, Pediatrics
Medical Genetics
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ADEPT Program, Board of Governors Regenerative Medicine Institute
Director, Ophthalmology Research Program
Director, Opthalmology Research
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Director, Medical Genetics
Pediatrics, Medical Genetics

Many of the physicians who have medical staff privileges to practice medicine at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center are independent physicians, and not employees or agents of the hospital. These independent physicians bill separately for their services. You should contact your physician to determine their status and billing practices.