Preparing for Your Appointment

If you've been told you have a lung disease or disorder, you may feel overwhelmed and uncertain—but you don't have to face it alone. Named one of the best hospitals by U.S. News & World Report for pulmonary (lung) care, Cedars-Sinai leads the way in diagnosing and treating a wide range of complex and chronic lung conditions.

It's important to know what to expect during your visit. Appointment times will vary in length, depending on your specific condition and needs. During the appointment, you'll meet with your pulmonologist and other team members. Here are some tips to make the most of your appointment time:

  • Bring your health insurance card and a photo ID.
  • Bring a pen and paper, so you can take notes. You may also want to have a friend or family member with you to do this.
  • Before your appointment, write down any questions you have about your condition or treatment plan. Be sure to bring them with you.
  • Keep a record of your symptoms, including any changes and whether your condition is affecting your daily activities.
  • Bring a list of all medications and supplements you're taking. 
  • If you're transferring from a medical provider outside of the Cedars-Sinai network, make sure to bring your prior medical records, pulmonary function test results and any imaging studies pertinent to your lung disease. 
  • To save time, complete the New Patient History form, and bring it with you.
  • Fill out any other necessary paperwork in advance. This could include medical record release authorization forms and patient privacy forms. See our Patients and Visitors Guide for more information.

You're strongly encouraged to bring a spouse or partner, family member or close friend to your appointment. It's helpful to have someone who can ask questions you don't think of, and to take detailed notes about your condition and treatment plan.

Pulmonary experts at Cedars-Sinai use research and clinical experience to develop new ways to diagnose, treat and manage lung disease. Our lung-specific clinical trials are open to eligible patients.

Depending on your health insurance, you may need a referral from your primary care doctor before seeing a lung specialist. If you require inpatient medical care (staying overnight or for several days), you'll need a doctor's referral to be admitted to Cedars-Sinai.

Contact our International Health Services team to reach us from outside the U.S. For information about billing, insurance and medical records, see our Patient and Visitors Guide.

You can also email questions to

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If you need a diagnosis, treatment or second opinion, call or send a message to our care team. You can also have us call you back at your convenience. 

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