Exercise Is the Key to Better Pulmonary Health

At Cedars-Sinai, we understand that we are not just working with conditions and diseases—we are working with people and human nature. We know that getting back to life after a procedure or health scare can be difficult—and maintaining the exercise routines that will keep you well is even harder.

To increase your chance of success, we have created an exercise maintenance plan. Like the initial part of your rehabilitation, this program is tailored to your needs and works with your physical strengths and limitations.

Like a gym, this is a pay-per service or monthly plan. Unlike a gym, this program ensures that your exercises and environment are safe for you. Instead of a personal trainer, you will meet twice a week with an exercise physiologist—an expert in the specific health benefits of stretching, balance and weight training.

Your progress will be monitored and your successes measured. Because this is a pay-per service plan you can leave when you're ready and return for booster sessions, when it makes sense for you.

For information contact the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program at 310-423-9566.