Lung Institute Biobank

Condition: Chronic pulmonary disease, lung transplant


Key Inclusion Criteria:

  • Lung transplant candidate or received a lung transplant OR
  • On a mechanical ventilator OR
  • Have chronic pulmonary diseases

Key Exclusion Criteria:

  • Pregnancy

Full Study Name

Mechanisms of Lung Transplant Rejection and Chronic Pulmonary Disease (IRB no. 00035409)


The Lung Institute Biobank is designed to help advance research by serving as a central source for biological samples obtained from patients diagnosed with a pulmonary disease who have had lung transplant surgery, a hospitalization, or are being followed by a pulmonary clinic. This central “library” of samples enables researchers to conduct studies in a timely manner, which can accelerate the development of new diagnostic and treatment methods. The Biobank also collects information from participants’ medical records and may ask participants to complete questionnaires.

Future research may include genome sequencing (identifying the order of building blocks of DNA), stem cell research, or creation of cell lines (group of cells that continue to make new cells of their same type).

Principal Investigator