CT-Guided Biopsy/Aspiration

These are procedures ordered for diagnostic purposes. Using CT for image guidance, biopsy and/or aspiration needles are directed towards a lesion and a tissue sample obtained for pathologic evaluation.


These procedures are indicated when the etiology, or cause, of a lesion is unknown and needs to be established to guide treatment. Examples include:

  • Bone lesions such as infection or tumor in the sacrum or iliac bone (pelvis)
  • Tumors or infection in the vertebral bones
  • Disc infection, in order to guide antibiotic or antifungal therapy


  • Generally not required, but may be indicated.


Without Contrast:

  • No preparation is required.

With Contrast:

  • Only one CT contrast study should be scheduled within a 48 hour period.
  • BUN and creatinine must be done within 72 hours of the scan.
  • Nothing but clear liquid after midnight before the scan.
  • NPO four hours prior to exam (no food or drink).


  • Generally not required, but may be indicated depending on the patient. 
  • Anesthesia on these studies always needs to be authorized by a radiologist.