Venous Insufficiency / Swelling

Your doctor has requested an ultrasound of the veins in your legs to determine if they are functioning properly. If the valves in your veins are leaking, you may have pain, swelling, varicose veins or blood clots that can result in shortness of breath or clots in the lungs.

Ultrasound technology is safe and images arteries and veins. There is no radiation or injection of chemicals. This procedure is used to evaluate the arteries in your arms for possible narrowing or blockage. At the Cedars-Sinai S. Mark Taper Foundation Imaging Center, we have a specialized team of physicians and technologists who are experts in ultrasound technology.

Before Your Exam

  • There is no preparation for this exam, and you may eat and drink. You may take your scheduled medications.
  • If your doctor gave you an order, please bring it with you.
  • Bring a magazine, book or music player to help you pass the time in case you have to wait.
  • Leave valuables and jewelry at home.

During Your Exam

Image from a vascular ultrasound study of blood flow in the left popliteal vein in the leg.

  • You will be lying on the exam table on your back with your hands at your sides. The technologist will apply a warm gel on your legs and a transducer or a small microphone will be used to examine your arteries.
  • You will hear the sound of moving blood during the exam. Do not be alarmed; it is harmless. The exam will take approximately 60 to 120 minutes.

After Your Exam

  • Your study will be read by a physician who will send the results to your doctor. Your doctor, who ordered the study, will explain the findings to you.
  • If you have problems related to your procedure, please call 310-423-8000.
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