Hepatobiliary (Gallbladder) Scan

Your doctor has ordered a hepatobiliary scan. The role of this procedure is to diagnose acute cholecystitis, an obstruction of bile duct, complications from gallbladder surgery or follow up on a liver transplant. Hepatobiliary scan may also be used to evaluate gallbladder dysfunction. Our team of specialized doctors, nurses and technologists is led by Louise Thomson, MD and Alessandro D'Agnolo, MD, co-chiefs of Nuclear Medicine.

Why Choose the S. Mark Taper Foundation Imaging Center for a Hepatobiliary Scan?

Before Arriving for Your Exam

  • You can print and fill out the HIDA Scan Questionnaire on our Pre-Registration Questionnaire page before arriving to speed the registration process.
  • Your must be fasting four hours before the exam.
  • If your doctor gave you an order, please bring it with you.
  • We want to make your waiting time as pleasant as possible. Consider bringing your favorite magazine, book or music player to help you pass the time.
  • Please leave your jewelry and valuables at home.

After Arriving

  • Upon arrival, a technologist will explain your procedure and answer any questions you may have.

During Your Exam

  • You will receive an intravenous injection (in your vein) of a tracer dose of radioactive material. The level of radioactivity is extremely low and has no side effects.
  • You will be asked to lie flat on your back on an examination table and to remain still.
  • Using a special nuclear medicine camera, pictures of your abdomen will be obtained. The camera does not produce any radiation; it simply detects and records the distribution of the radioactive material in your body.
  • Depending on the initial scan result, you may be asked to return if needed after three hours and/or 24 hours for a delayed scan to complete the test. It will be done without the re-injection of radioactive material.
  • Your scan will take approximately 90 minutes.

After Your Exam

  • Your study will be reviewed by an imaging physician specialist and the results sent to your physician. Your physician will discuss these results with you and explain what they mean in relation to your health.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 310-423-8000.

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