Percutaneous needle tenotomy is the use of a needle to make small holes in a tendon through the skin. Repeated needlesticks can break up scar tissue and cause bleeding in a tendon, prompting the inflammatory cascade and helping the body’s own cells to begin rebuilding the tendon.

Tenotomy is a quick and simple procedure performed on an outpatient basis. When used with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, tenotomy can be an effective treatment for:

  • Tennis elbow
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Rotator cuff low-grade partial thickness tear
  • Achilles tendon low grade partial thickness tear

Tenotomy helps jump-start the body’s own healing process, to speed healing and recovery from an injury or debilitating condition. In a study published in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Mayo Clinic researchers reported that the combination of tenotomy and PRP injections produced significant improvement in patients with long-standing tendon injuries.

Our subspecialized musculoskeletal imaging physicians use ultrasound imaging to precisely guide a needle to the damaged tendon to perform a tenotomy. The needle pricks transform a nonhealing, degenerative injury into an acute injury that has the potential to heal. Maximum benefits from tenotomy and PRP occur within the first four months after a treatment.

Before Your Treatment

  • Tenotomy and PRP treatment requires you to stay off nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for two weeks before and after treatment.

During Your Treatment

  • Local anesthesia with lidocaine will be used near the damaged or injured tendon. Conscious sedation can be used if needed.

After Your Treatment

  • You should rest for one week after your treatment, followed by one week of light stretching. You will start physical therapy two weeks after the procedure.

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