PRP Wrist (Extensor carpi ulnaris - ECU tear)

Ultrasound image of the extensor carpi ulnaris (ECU) tendon tear at the distal ulna of the wrist. Arrow points to the tear (dark area). Bone appears white below the tear.

Ultrasound image of PRP needle (vertical white line indicated by arrow) injecting PRP, which appears white at lower end of needle, into the extensor carpianerus tendon tear in the wrist.

Ultrasound of needle (indicated by upper arrow at 45 degree angle; the tip is circled and appears white) injecting PRP into ECU tear in left wrist. Dark area (indicated by lower arrow) shows the location of the tear in the tendon.

An ultrasound image of the right wrist showing the needle as a white line at a 45 degree angle (left arrow). At the end of the needle PRP is being injected (lower right arrow). The tendon appears as a series of wavy gray lines just past the end of the needle (between the two horizontal yellow lines).