Inpatient Specialty Program Information for Medical Professionals

The Inpatient Specialty Program (ISP) is a dedicated Hospitalist service at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. This program is specifically designed to give patients personalized attention during their hospitalization and to provide a physician presence to address patients' needs 24 hours a day.

ISP Hospitalists work exclusively in the hospital, routinely see patients while they are still in the Emergency Department and often times see patients more than once a day.

Referring physicians experience many benefits by partnering with ISP:

  • Hospitalists become physician partners in the inpatient setting.
  • A primary care physician will not be interrupted with nursing cross-cover calls during the night nor will they have to commute to the hospital for emergencies or to admit patients from the Emergency Department.
  • Physicians will receive daily updates from a hospitalist regarding patients' clinical status.
  • Since Hospitalists do not run an office practice, patients will return to see their primary care physician after they are discharged.
  • Physician referral patterns are honored when a specialty consultation is indicated.
  • Hospitalists' in-hospital presence allows timely communication with patients and families.
  • Cedars-Sinai ISP Hospitalists are carefully selected for their medical expertise, compassion and excellent communication skills.
  • By partnering with Hospitalists to take care of inpatients, physicians are able to focus on other activities

To refer a patient or to speak with a Hospitalist, please call 310-229-4322.

To have a patient admitted to ISP from Cedars-Sinai's Emergency Department (ED), simply inform the ED physican to "admit to ISP."

For a personal discussion regarding this unique program, please email Dr. Bradley T. Rosen, Medical Director of the Inpatient Specialty Program (ISP) - Hospitalist Service, directly at

Note: The Inpatient Specialty Program treats adult patients. For pediatric hospitalist care, please contact the Pediatric Hospitalist Program.


If you are interested in a career with Cedars-Sinai's Inpatient Specialty Program, please contact:

Bradley T. Rosen, MD, MBA
8700 Beverly Blvd., Suite B220 
Los Angeles, California 90048
Phone: 310-423-5252

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