The Smidt Heart Institute is at the forefront of cardiac evaluation and care for patients diagnosed with COVID-19. The Post COVID-19 Cardiology Clinic, led by Siddharth Singh, MD, leverages our experience with COVID-19 as well as our expertise in advanced cardiac imaging and biomarker discovery to provide state-of-the-art assessments of COVID-19 survivors with known or suspected cardiac complications.

What do you need to know about COVID-19 and the heart?

As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, the effects on the cardiovascular system have been increasingly recognized—initially in severely ill patients, and later in patients with minor or no symptoms. Patients with preexisting heart and vascular issues may be at an increased risk for developing long-lasting complications from COVID-19. Given the widespread extent of COVID-19, recognition of potential long-term health issues is important as we learn more about the virus and its aftereffects.

Have you had COVID-19?

Our team is available to care for high-risk patients, including those who have been diagnosed as having heart failure, hypertension or coronary artery disease before contracting the virus. But the scope of our program transcends those who had previously been diagnosed with heart disease. In particular, physically active people and athletes who have recovered from COVID-19 may also wish to review their heart health with an expert before resuming vigorous exercise.

A patient undergoes a cardiology consultation with a Cedars-Sinai doctor about COVID-19.

Consult With a Cardiologist

Our highly trained cardiologists treat patients with a verified laboratory COVID-19 positive result who continue to experience cardiac symptoms from the virus or preexisting symptoms. We are also available to screen those who seem to have recovered but are concerned about potential cardiac complications. Our experts work to understand each patient's risks.

A doctor checks a patient with COVID-19 protection on.


Our team collaborates across various specialties and aims to understand the involvement of the cardiovascular system in COVID-19 survivors. The program has a significant research component and uses advanced diagnostic imaging to tailor treatment plans for each patient.

A researcher investigating COVID-19 and cardiology treatments.


There is concern and ongoing discussion about the long-term effects of the virus on the human body, including the heart. The COVID-19 Recovery Clinic will follow patients over time to determine any long-lasting effects on cardiovascular health. Patients will also be given an opportunity to enroll in research studies examining disease associations and any potential treatments.

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