Interventional Cardiology for Congenital Heart Disease

Interventional cardiology uses long tubes (catheters), a camera and sophisticated instruments to diagnose and treat complicated heart problems. At Cedars-Sinai, patients are in capable hands. Our team includes world leaders in interventional cardiology for congenital heart disease. We pioneered techniques that are now available in the nation’s top programs.

One Program, Lifelong Congenital Heart Disease Care

We are among the few programs nationwide capable of delivering seamless pediatric and adult services for congenital heart defects. Interventional cardiologists and other specialists offer the highest level of care, including advanced diagnostic testing, innovative treatments and clinical trials. Find out more by reading our congenital heart disease patient guide.

As one of the nation’s leading interventional cardiology programs for congenital heart disease, we offer options that are not widely available. And our experience from performing a high volume of procedures leads to precise care.

Innovative interventional cardiology options we offer include:

Patent ductus arteriosus closure (PDA): Our team was the first in the world to use the Amplatzer Piccolo™ Occluder for premature infants with patent ductus arteriosus, or PDA, a hole in the heart.

Valve repair and replacement: We were among the first programs treating defects in all four heart valves using catheter-based techniques. Our expertise also includes repair procedures to safely adjust the size of artificial valves in growing children.

Hybrid procedures: Interventional cardiologists work alongside pediatric heart surgeons to treat problems in the smallest patients. In some cases, surgeons use incisions to access the problem, and interventional cardiologists use catheters to treat it.

Clinical trials: Our research is furthering congenital heart disease care in patients of all ages by evaluating new treatment options. Read more about congenital heart disease clinical trials.

Our Team Approach

Interventional cardiologists work with other cardiac subspecialists to determine individualized optimal treatment for each patient. You and/or your child receive personalized care reflecting some of the nation’s top minds in congenital heart disease.

Conditions We Treat

We deliver exceptional care for all forms of congenital heart disease, including valve issues and structural heart problems. Our services also include lifelong care for issues that are unique to adults with congenital heart disease.

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