Congenital Heart Conditions, Diagnostics & Treatments

Heart disease symptoms are frequently present early in life, but it is possible for some congenital heart problems to go undetected throughout life. With the advances in prenatal imaging, heart conditions are being detected while still in utero. Some children may not exhibit any signs while others may exhibit shortness of breath, cyanosis, syncope, heart murmur, under-developing limbs and muscles, poor feeding or growth or respiratory infections. Congenital heart defects cause abnormal heart structure that produces certain sounds called heart murmur. These can sometimes be detected; however, not all heart murmurs are caused by congenital heart defects.




Surgical Care of Neonates Through Adulthood

  • Hybrid procedures
    • Hybrid Stage 1 for HLHS
    • Periventricular approach to RVOT and Melody valve
  • Ross procedure
  • Valve sparing aortic root replacement
  • Ebstein’s valve repair

Dedicated Congenital Heart Perfusion

  • Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), transport ECMO
  • Ventricular assist devices
  • Dedicated perfusionist
  • Blood conservation program
    • Jehovah's Witnesses program

Services and Technology
  • Fetal cardiac diagnosis and counseling and cardiac genetic evaluation and counseling
  • Neonatal heart surgery, as well as pediatric, adolescent and adult congenital heart surgery
  • Dedicated pediatric and adult cardiac intensive care units with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation support
  • Transcatheter valve therapy/replacement (pulmonic, aortic, mitral, tricuspid)
  • Transcatheter ASD, VSD, PFO, PDA closure
  • Transcatheter treatment of complex vascular stenosis (angioplasty/stent pulmonary arteries, angioplasty/stent aorta, angioplasty/stent venous stenoses, stent PDA)
  • Complex congenital cardiac imaging (transthoracic echocardiography, transesophageal echocardiography, intracardiac echocardiography, congenital cardiac MRI, congenital cardiac CT, 3D rotational angiography)

  • Infrastructure to care for congenital heart patients and their families from fetal diagnosis through senescence by a single highly specialized multidisciplinary team
  • Multidisciplinary team composed of pediatric and adult congenital heart disease cardiologists and surgeons, neonatologists, dedicated cardiac anesthesiologists, congenital cardiac intensivists, pediatric and adult subspecialists, and advanced pediatric cardiac nurse practitioners
  • One of only a few U.S. centers with access to both Melody and Sapien valves for pulmonic valve replacement
  • Novel hybrid techniques aimed at minimizing morbidity and mortality
  • Clinical trials site affording patients access to the latest therapeutic advances in congenital heart disease