Adult Congenital Heart Disease

Having congenital heart disease puts you at risk for future heart problems and health complications. We deliver lifelong congenital heart disease care to meet the unique needs of adults. We help you live a good quality of life with preventive care and specialized treatments that protect your heart.

Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program

Board-certified adult congenital heart disease experts provide age-appropriate services, including care for old and new heart problems. Some of our patients are well into their 80s. You can trust us to deliver the services that are right for you.

Our innovative approach combines the expertise of adult congenital heart disease doctors and pediatric specialists many patients have been seeing since birth. We are in regular communication with each other, resulting in a seamless transition from pediatric to adult care. If you need a procedure, we work together to meticulously plan it.

Adult congenital heart care includes:


We check for delayed complications of congenital heart disease and heart problems, such as high cholesterol, that typically occur in adults.


Our team uses sophisticated imaging (echocardiogram) techniques. Echocardiogram offers detailed views of heart features that typically appear in adults with congenital heart disease.


We excel in treating common and complex congenital heart problems that adults may face, including worn-out heart valves. Find out more about congenital heart disease treatments.

Specialized maternity care

For women who wish to start a family, we work alongside obstetrics, cardiac genetics and high-risk pregnancy experts. Our approach helps you and your unborn child stay as safe as possible.

Related Programs & Services

Additional Services

Adults with congenital heart disease receive more of the care they need in one program. Our offerings support your medical needs and personal health goals.

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Congenital heart disease can bring a higher risk of complications to an expectant mother and her unborn child. Adult congenital heart disease doctors work closely with high-risk pregnancy experts to help you both stay as healthy as possible. We coordinate additional services for a safe delivery and, if necessary, immediate care for your newborn.

Some adults with congenital conditions experience heart failure. The heart’s pumping ability cannot keep up with the body’s needs. But there’s hope: Cedars-Sinai is home to one of the nation’s leading heart transplant programs. We provide comprehensive congenital heart failure care, including devices that help the heart pump until you can receive a transplant.

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Cedars-Sinai leads pioneering efforts to advance congenital heart disease care through research. We are sometimes the first in the world offering new therapies, including innovative heart valve repair devices. You have the opportunity to join these efforts by participating in congenital heart disease clinical trials.

A Patient's Guide to Congenital Heart Disease

Learn more about our congenital heart disease program, including our lifelong approach to care and clinical trial opportunities.

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