The Cardiac Surgery program at the Smidt Heart Institute supports patients in Southern California with a broad spectrum of heart conditions—from simple cases to high-risk complex conditions that other healthcare providers are not equipped to treat. Having built a reputation for high quality of care with the highest success rates and the lowest complication rates nationwide, our team of highly skilled cardiothoracic surgeons combines their expertise with the latest procedures and technological advances to perform the complete range of open and minimally invasive surgeries, including robotic surgery.

Conditions, Diagnostics & Treatments

We diagnose and treat the wide array of heart conditions that may require cardiac surgery. Our treatment options span from traditional surgical options to minimally invasive methods that include da Vinci procedures and robotic mitral valve repair, amongst many others.

Related Programs & Services

The Cardiac Surgery program’s team of cardiothoracic surgeons consult and treat patients within a number of the programs at the Smidt Heart Institute.

A Patient's Guide to Cardiac Surgery

Learn about our minimally invasive treatment options, including robotic surgery.

Understand the different traditional heart surgeries we perform to treat a wide range of heart conditions.

Know what to expect before cardiac surgery, get ready for your hospital stay and explore resources for improving your recovery.

Learn more about the latest clinical trials being conducted by teams of medical researchers and doctors, aimed at making available new diagnostic, medical and surgical discoveries.

Cedars-Sinai offers a number of programs for graduate studies, continuing medical education, conferences, symposiums and other professional opportunities for learning, discovery and training.

The Smidt Heart Institute continually monitors the volume and quality of procedures performed. Learn more about the quality of care provided to patients and how Cedars-Sinai compares to the national average.

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