Andy Kondrat, PhD

Headshot of Andy Kondrat, PhD

Andy Kondrat, PhD, joined the faculty of Cedars-Sinai to become a Health Associate in the Center for Healthcare Ethics in July 2017.

Clinically, Kondrat serves as one of the ethics consultants for Cedars-Sinai's Clinical Ethics Consultation Service. Institutionally, he is a member of the Bioethics Committee and co-director of CSMC’s Responsible Conduct of Research training course, among other service appointments. Academically, he is an Assistant Professor of Biomedical Sciences at Cedars-Sinai.

In clinical practice and academic research, Andy is interested in the experiences of moral distress in healthcare professionals, especially in regard to how the process of shared decision-making between provider and patient can resolve instances of moral distress, and how healthcare organizations can adequately address those experiences. He also is attempting to understand how clinicians and researchers can overcome barriers to meaningful informed consent in their patients and subjects.

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