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The Center for Healthcare Ethics is committed to the continuous dissemination of good ethical practices. Our work is to help identify, clarify, and articulate the range of ethical considerations associated with the many responsibilities related to direct patient care, the education of future healthcare providers, health research related activities, and even the understanding and practice of healthcare ethics itself. Collaboration and the openness to learn with each other is central to the way we approach any ethical issue, always with a goal of developing mutual understanding and respect for the diversity of ethical values present.

Headshot of Stuart G. Finder, PhD

Stuart G. Finder, PhD

Director, Center for Health Care Ethics
Headshot of Virginia L. Bartlett PhD

Virginia L. Bartlett, PhD

Assistant Director, Center for Health Care Ethics
Headshot of Andy Kondrat, PhD

Andy Kondrat, PhD

Healthcare Associate
Headshot of Kenneth Leeds, PhD

Kenneth Leeds, MD

Former Assistant Director (Semi-Retired)

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