The expert team at the Cedars-Sinai Headache Clinic delivers specialized care for headache pain. You receive a thorough, comprehensive evaluation and a personalized treatment plan to relieve pain so you can get back to the activities you love.

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Increased Access to Care

We understand how frustrating chronic headaches can be—that’s why we help you find answers quickly so you can get relief. You benefit from shorter-than-average wait times and increased access through virtual visits.

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Comprehensive, Collaborative Treatment

Globally, headache disorders are one of the leading causes of years lived with a disability and the top reason people seek neurology care. Our headache and migraine specialist is skilled in identifying and managing more than 150 types of headache disorders. Our collaborative team offers advanced, effective treatments, including the newest drug therapies and injections.

We bring subspecialized and academic expertise to your treatment plan, using advanced medical and holistic therapies.

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Clinical Trials & Research

We’re always working to advance medical knowledge and develop new treatments. Find out about the latest clinical trials available at Cedars-Sinai.

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Medical Professionals & Postgraduates

We offer rigorous programs for graduate studies, continuing education and other professional opportunities.

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Related Programs & Services

Our headache specialist collaborates with other headache experts in different fields. Together, we create comprehensive treatment plans to help you find relief.

Have Questions or Need Help?

Call the Headache Clinic team for further assistance. You can also have us call you back at your convenience.