Pelvic Floor Disorders Registry

Female pelvic floor disorders
Key Inclusion Criteria
  • Female
  • At least 18 years old, at least 19 years old in Alabama or Nebraska, or at least 20 years old in Puerto Rico
  • Newly selecting surgical or non-surgical (pessary) management of pelvic organ prolapse (POP) in one or more compartments
Key Exclusion Criteria
  • Pregnant at time of enrollment
  • Physically or mentally unable
  • Desires nonsurgical management of POP other than pessary (removable device)
Full Study Name

Pelvic Floor Disorders Registry – Quality and Research (PFDR-QR): National Patient Registry for Treatment of Pelvic Floor Disorders (IRB no. 43202)


The Pelvic Floor Disorders Registry is a national database for doctors and surgeons who care for patients with pelvic floor disorders. It provides information about the comparative effectiveness of various surgical and nonsurgical treatments and will measure quality of life and safety issues associated with the treatment of these conditions. It will also help to improve the quality of care for women with these conditions.

The study will enroll patients at Cedars-Sinai who have undergone procedures using mesh (either vaginal or abdominal) as well as non-mesh repairs (vaginal and abdominal) and nonsurgical management with pessaries (removable devices), in order to evaluate both mesh and non-mesh repairs and treatments.

Principal Investigator

Jennifer Anger, MD


Sarah Gunther
Phone: 310-385-2974