Understanding Infertility

If you are having a difficult time getting pregnant, you and your partner may be experiencing infertility. Infertility is one of the many fertility conditions we treat at Cedars-Sinai Fertility and Reproductive Medicine Center.

Infertility occurs in both men and women, and in many cases, it's treatable.

Impact of Infertility

Infertility can feel devastating to individuals, couples and their support systems. For many, having a child is the ultimate goal and what they want most.

After years of working to prevent pregnancy, when you're ready, it should just happen, right? We wish that were true.

Unfortunately, many individuals and couples struggle in silence. They worry that others don't and won't ever understand.

You don't have to go through infertility alone. We have the experts and fertility treatments that can help you find answers and give you some direction.

Male Infertility

Infertility affects both men and women. With male infertility, a man has an issue with his reproductive system that prevents him from starting a pregnancy with a woman.

Sperm disorders, erectile dysfunction or structural problems in the male reproductive organs can cause male infertility. Doctors don't know the cause of male infertility in about 50 percent of cases.

When to Seek Help for Infertility

You may be experiencing infertility if you are or your spouse is a woman who:

  • Is younger than 35 and has been trying to conceive for at least one year
  • Is at least 35 years old and has been trying to conceive for at least six months

If this sounds like your situation, it's time to talk to a doctor. Connect with one of our fertility specialists.

Our Infertility Care

At the Cedars-Sinai Fertility and Reproductive Medicine Center, we take a patient-centered approach to fertility care. We offer:

  • Compassionate and expert care: As board-certified reproductive endocrinologists, our fertility specialists have advanced training in diagnosing and treating fertility conditions. One of the hallmarks of our specialists is their tireless pursuit toward making your dream of becoming a parent a reality. At Cedars-Sinai, we believe that combining expertise with compassion leads to breakthroughs, making the seemingly impossible possible.
  • Team approach: We work closely with other Cedars-Sinai specialists to form a team of experts dedicated to delivering patient-centered care. We come together, arm in arm, to surround you with the most complete and effective infertility care. Your team members may include:
    • Maternal-fetal medicine specialists, who care for women who are experiencing a high-risk, or complicated, pregnancy
    • Minimally invasive gynecologic surgeons, who perform surgery for noncancerous women's health conditions through small incisions. Find out more about minimally invasive gynecologic surgery.
    • Pain management specialists, who diagnose and treat pain using medications and procedures. Learn more about our Pain Center.
    • Radiation oncologists, who treat cancer using high doses of energy (radiation therapy) to destroy cancer cells and reduce tumors
  • Advanced diagnosis: We're committed to offering leading-edge imaging technology for faster, more accurate diagnoses and more timely and precise treatments. Our Andrology/Infertility and Endocrine Laboratory provides the latest diagnostic equipment. We also offer advanced imaging services at the S. Mark Taper Foundation Imaging Center.