Gynecologic Services

Specialized Care for Women

You'll have different gynecological needs through your life, so Cedars-Sinai is here to support women at every age. With a range of services from annual check-ups to help for fibroids, fertility issues, menopause and gynecologic cancers, you can count on the gynecology team to provide personalized care.

Make an Appointment

Scheduling an appointment to see one of our experts is fast and convenient using our online scheduling tool.

Meet the Expert Team

Visit a gynecologist or any of the women’s healthcare specialists for routine exams, preventive care and reproductive concerns.


You’ll find Cedars-Sinai gynecology offices throughout the Los Angeles area.

Start your preventative healthcare by getting regular gynecological services such as annual exams, Pap testing, and reproductive care counseling.

Specially trained surgeons use advanced procedures and techniques, resulting in faster recovery and less discomfort.

Specialists provide expert diagnosis and treatment, support for fertility challenges and help with other medical conditions.

Get help for pelvic-floor disorders that often occur with pregnancy or  menopause, including prolapse, vaginal bulge and leaky bladder.

Receive confidential counseling for family planning, birth control and other reproductive-health services.

Virtual Second Opinion

A second opinion can help you confidently make decisions about treatment for your gynecological condition. With our Virtual Second Opinion program, we’ll guide you through every step of the process.

Patient Stories

Meet real patients with real medical challenges. In these stories, women who’ve partnered with Cedars-Sinai doctors to improve their health explain the successes and challenges they faced along the way.

Clinical Trials

Researchers and doctors at Cedars-Sinai work together to study women’s health issues and potential new treatments. Learn more about current gynecology-related clinical trials.


Find out how researchers are working to create advancements in women’s healthcare.

For Medical Professionals

The Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology offers a number of graduate and continuing medical education opportunities.

Continuing Medical Education

Grand Rounds cover a variety of topics and generally are held weekly on Wednesdays at 8 a.m. in the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center’s Harvey Morse Auditorium. Please contact the coordinator at for specific information.