LEAP Program

Leveraging Exercise to Age in Place (LEAP) is an evidence-based exercise program proven to decrease loneliness and social isolation in older adults as well as decrease fear of falling.

LEAP Together

LEAP Together is an intergenerational program aimed at increasing social connectedness and physical activity in older adults and younger adults. You will access LEAP Together via FlexTogether—a virtual exercise studio that will allow intergenerational pairs to workout simultaneously.

Arthritis Foundation exercise workshop

Helps increase range of motion and muscle strength through its gentle movements that promote increased joint flexibility. Many participants experience a decrease in pain and an increase in quality of life.

For information about other community programs offered elsewhere, please access this resource list, Virtual Exercise and Wellness Resources for Older Adults (PDF).

For more information or to enroll, call 310-248-6242 or email GroupGeriatricsLEAP@cshs.org

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