Adrenal Gland Surgery

At Cedars-Sinai, our dedicated surgeons have nationally recognized expertise in diagnosing and treating adrenal gland conditions. We work with you to determine the procedure that best meets your needs so you can feel better.

Why Adrenal Gland Surgery (Adrenalectomy)?

The adrenal glands live on each kidney and are responsible for several functions. They play a role in blood pressure and the immune system as well as bone, nervous system and heart health. The adrenal glands also help your body monitor fluids and electrolytes, so you can maintain the vital balance of hydration.

Cancer and tumors on the adrenal glands can create an imbalance of these essential hormones, resulting in a wide range of symptoms and adrenal gland diseases. Certain conditions respond well to medical therapy with medications or can be followed with serial imaging.

Often, however, tumors and conditions of the adrenal glands require surgery. We consider your health, preferences and the severity of your symptoms or condition when developing a customized treatment plan.

Adrenal Gland Conditions We Treat Surgically

Our team partners with you to develop a treatment plan that includes a combination of medical therapy and surgery. Conditions we treat include:

Adrenal Gland Surgery We Perform at Cedars-Sinai

We treat all types of tumors, masses and cancer of the adrenal gland. Depending on the condition, size of the tumor and severity of your symptoms, we may remove one or both adrenal glands.

Minimally Invasive and Robotic Adrenalectomy

Compared to conventional methods, minimally invasive and robotic adrenalectomies offer faster recovery time and less bleeding, pain and risk of infection.

Our endocrine surgery experts use laparoscopic and robotic surgery, which are minimally invasive techniques. We create tiny incisions over the adrenal glands. With a tiny camera and scope, we carefully remove the tissue causing the symptoms. We can do this surgery either through incisions on the front of the abdomen or the back. We customize the approach depending on your needs.

Open Adrenalectomy

Some conditions require traditional, open adrenal gland surgery. We make an incision on the abdomen and remove the tumor. Our team is highly experienced in this procedure. We are committed to making your experience with us as safe and effective as possible.

Cortical-Sparing Adrenalectomy

Cortical-sparing adrenalectomy, or partial adrenalectomy, is a highly specialized procedure where part of the adrenal tissue is preserved in order to maintain adrenal function, and to prevent adrenal insufficiency and the need for lifelong hormone replacement. It is suitable for certain patients who have tumors on both adrenal glands, particularly pheochromocytoma, or in patients with only one remaining adrenal.

Understanding Your Adrenal Surgery Options

You probably have questions about what adrenal gland surgery will look like for you. Our team helps you understand your options and works with you to build a care plan.

Using our experience and training, we help determine which procedure is the best fit for you.

Have Questions or Need Help?

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