Microbiome, Microbial Markers and Liver Disease

Condition: Liver cirrhosis, hepatocellular carcinoma


Key Inclusion Criteria

  • At least 18 years old
  • Diagnosed with liver cirrhosis
  • Requires an upper gastrointestinal endoscopy by a Cedars-Sinai, UCLA and Veterans Affairs Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System gastroenterologist for standard of care

Key Exclusion Criteria

  • Previous organ transplantation
  • Diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma

Full Study Name

Microbiome, Microbial Markers & Liver Disease (IRB no. 38000)


This study focuses on patients who have liver cirrhosis. There is growing evidence that individuals with cirrhosis have changes in their gastrointestinal systems, including changes to the types of microbes that make up their gastrointestinal tract. Changes to these microbes may lead to inflammation (swelling) and other issues related to a worsening of liver disease. In this study, researchers aim to measure and evaluate changes in the intestines and throughout the entire body of patients with liver cirrhosis by collecting tissue and fluid samples from the small intestine (duodenum), as well as blood samples. In order to investigate the lifestyle factors that might be associated with these changes, participants will also be asked to complete questionnaires about dietary intake, lifestyle habits, medications and medical history. Patients will be followed over time to study changes in their disease.

Principal Investigator