Surgical Dermatology

Surgical dermatology experts at Cedars-Sinai use safe, effective procedures to remove all types of skin growths, both cancerous and noncancerous.

Our Approach to Surgical Dermatology

Board-certified dermatologists at Cedars-Sinai provide care for skin growths. We focus on prevention, removing precancerous lesions and skin tags. If surgery is necessary, we deliver the treatment that's right for you. For small cancers, your care may include a standard excision or a wide local excision. We also offer Mohs micrographic surgery, the best available treatment for complex cancers. Our expertise translates to a high success rate, helping more patients become cancer-free.

Advanced Skin Cancer Treatments and Facial Reconstruction

Our experts deliver specialized care for more serious forms of cancer, such as melanoma or Merkel cell carcinoma, as well as cancers that come back after treatment.

Our offerings include:

Mohs Micrographic Surgery
Other Cancer Treatments
Facial Reconstruction

This sophisticated surgery gets rid of cancer with the highest success rates and best cosmetic outcomes.

In rare cases, radiation therapy or cancer medications (chemotherapy) may be necessary. We work closely with radiation oncology and medical oncology to provide you access to these treatment options if you are candidate.

We offer sophisticated options to repair and reconstruct wounds left after skin cancer.

Have Questions or Need Help?

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