Medical Dermatology

Dermatologists at Cedars-Sinai get to the source of skin problems, delivering treatments that provide much-needed relief. We regularly care for people with difficult-to-treat problems, such as autoimmune skin diseases and connective tissue disorders. We also care for people with hair and nail problems.

Our Approach to Medical Dermatology

Our team of board-certified dermatologists has decades of experience. We prevent, diagnose and treat a wide range of problems using the latest techniques. Some of our dermatologists specialize in areas such as complex skin problems, pediatric dermatology and skin cancer. At Cedars-Sinai, you receive care that's tailored to your needs.

Our approach includes:

Innovative Therapies

We treat some stubborn symptoms with phototherapy and laser treatments. These therapies use light rays to help heal the skin. Read more about phototherapy for skin disease.

Coordinated Services

Complex skin diseases, such as scleroderma, can affect many areas of the body, requiring treatment from a team of experts. Our dermatologists work with other specialists, when necessary, to coordinate each step of your care.

Focus on Prevention

We deliver services that may help you avoid serious problems, such as skin cancer. Our team gives you important information about your risk. We perform thorough skin cancer screenings to catch early symptoms. We also give recommendations to decrease your risk of developing skin cancer. Find out more about surgical dermatology.

Surgical Care

We treat people with noncancerous (benign) as well as cancerous (malignant) skin growths. In some cases, we perform a minor surgical procedure (resection). Other patients may benefit from Mohs micrographic surgery. You can breathe easier knowing that doctors you already trust will perform the procedure. Read more about excisions for benign and malignant skin growths.

Care for a Broad Range of Skin Problems

We deliver specialized care for common skin problems, including acne and infections. We also treat challenging problems, such as inflammatory skin disease. And if nail fungus or hair problems are bothering you, we provide effective treatment. 

Accurate Diagnosis for Skin Disease

Symptoms, such as a rash or itching, can be a sign of many skin disorders, including eczema and skin allergies. Cedars-Sinai takes extra steps to accurately diagnose the problem, ensuring you receive the treatments that are best for your needs.

Our services include:

Thorough Skin Exams
Diagnostic Experts
Patch Testing

Your care starts with a detailed evaluation from one of our board-certified dermatologists. We take time to get to know you, which may include asking questions about your medical history and performing a thorough skin exam.

For complex problems, we may take a tissue sample (biopsy). We often send biopsies to a dermatopathologist, who evaluates the sample under a microscope and provides a diagnosis. Dermatologists work with expert dermatopathologists at Cedars-Sinai to help you receive an accurate diagnosis.

We use patch testing to determine whether some rashes are due to contact with a substance you are allergic to. We offer patch testing for children and adults. We have years of experience with patch testing, so you can count on us for a safe experience. And we test for a broad range of substances, allowing us to confirm or rule out allergies.

Medical Dermatology Research

We regularly participate in research uncovering new care methods for skin disease. Our efforts are improving treatments for skin cancer and lifelong conditions such as lupus. We are also exploring the best ways to deliver cosmetic procedures, including laser, light and energy-based therapies.

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