Clinical Nutrition Services

Nutrition is important before, during and after cancer treatment. Making the right food choices can help lessen side effects related to cancer treatment that can lead to poor nutrition, unplanned weight changes and low energy level.

Our board-certified registered dietitians specialize in nutrition therapy for cancer patients based on the latest scientific research information. We can answer nutrition questions about all cancer types and treatments, including radiation therapychemotherapyimmunotherapy and surgery. We provide nutrition counseling and education specific to your nutritional needs and treatment goals.

Nutrition Education and Counseling Services

  • Proper nutrition before and during treatment
  • Disease-focused and treatment-focused food choices
  • Nutrition management of treatment-related side effects
  • Use of vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements
  • Meal planning for weight control
  • Support in managing enteral (feeding tube) and parenteral (intravenous, or through the vein) nutrition
  • Healthy lifestyle and nutrition choices for cancer prevention
  • Desired nutrition for recovery and survivorship
  • Current research findings on nutrition and cancer