Metastatic Bone Cancer

There is so much our specialists can do to help you live—and thrive—with metastatic bone cancer. Our orthopaedic oncologists have an excellent track record of providing great outcomes for patients. 

Other doctors often refer hard-to-treat cases to our team. We are also advancing cancer care through clinical trials—giving patients access to promising treatments before they are widely available.

What Is Metastatic Bone Cancer?

Bone cancer is either primary or secondary. Primary bone cancer originates in your bone. Secondary (metastatic) bone cancer starts in another area of the body—usually the breasts, lungs or other organs—and spreads to your bones. Bone metastasis is the name of this process.

Metastatic bone cancer is more common than primary bone cancer. It often causes bone pain and fractures.

Can Metastatic Bone Cancer Be Cured?

There are many treatments that help shrink or slow the growth of metastatic bone cancer. While a cure may not be possible, treatment can often improve your symptoms and quality of life. Today, people are living longer than ever with metastatic bone cancer, thanks to advances in chemotherapy and other treatments.

How We Manage Bone Metastasis

Managing your symptoms can make a big difference in your quality of life. Pain medicines and treatments like hormone therapy and chemotherapy can help with bone pain. Read more about our Pain Center.

Our orthopaedic oncologists meet regularly with the specialists involved in your care, including your medical and radiation oncologists. Together, they create the best treatment plan for you and adjust it when needed.

Our orthopaedic oncologists also prevent and treat broken bones using metal rods and implants. They use their knowledge and experience to identify the right implant for you based on your prognosis and current health.

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