How We Treat Blood Disorders and Blood Cancers

Our team of specialists works together to improve your symptoms and quality of life. Using the latest blood cancer treatments, including CAR T-cell therapy, we strive to provide the great outcomes people deserve.

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Our Approach to Blood Cancer Treatment

Our blood cancer specialists all see patients at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. By combining their expertise and experience, they can provide the best care possible—starting at your first appointment. Other highlights of our blood disorder care include:

Experienced Specialists

Our hematology and oncology specialists have decades of experience caring for people affected by blood disorders and blood cancers. They have the knowledge and specialized training to successfully treat these conditions.

Advanced Treatments

We offer a new type of immunotherapy called CAR T-cell therapy. This treatment uses a patient’s immune system to attack cancer cells. We are also one of only two programs in the U.S. offering bloodless bone marrow transplants to Jehovah's Witnesses.

Modernized Protocols

We use the latest conditioning regimens and supportive care measures to improve outcomes. These evidence-backed protocols prepare your body for a successful transplant and prevent complications.

Rounding Pharmacists

Our pharmacists review all of your medications daily with our specialists. Doing so allows them to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your medications in real time.

Our Team-Based Hematology Oncology Care

Our expert team works together to give you the advanced care and attention you deserve. Along with blood cancer specialists, we have a team of healthcare professionals devoted to your health and wellbeing. Each member plays an important role in helping you heal and thrive.

This experienced team includes:
  • Transplant coordinators
  • Specially trained nurse practitioners (NPs)
  • Pharmacists
  • Dietitians
  • Psychologists
  • Social workers
  • Occupational and physical therapists

Our Blood Disorder and Blood Cancer Treatments

Your care team makes sure you have a clear understanding of each part of your treatment. Treatments include:

  • Medications treat the disease and help manage your symptoms.
  • Blood transfusions increase or maintain your blood supply when disease or treatment prevents your body from making enough blood. We also offer bloodless transplants for patients who are Jehovah's Witnesses.
  • Immunotherapy uses your immune system to kill cancer. Learn about immunotherapy.
  • Chemotherapy and other drug therapies use drugs or chemicals to destroy or damage cancer cells. Learn more about chemotherapy.
  • Radiation therapy uses radiation to damage cancer cells. Read more about radiation therapy.
  • Autologous and allogeneic bone marrow transplants rid the body of cancerous cells and replace them with healthy ones. Find out about bone marrow transplants.
  • Supportive care medicine focuses on symptoms and quality of life improvement. Read about supportive care medicine.

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