Pancreatic Cancer Clinic

Our goal is to provide the highest quality care for those with pancreatic cancer. We believe this is best accomplished by an expert group of physicians from different specialties.

We provide a team-based treatment plan and comprehensive support to patients with a diagnosis or suspected diagnosis. The end result is a clear plan of care that will assist both patients and referring providers.

In a single-day visit to our clinic, patients receive a comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan incorporating all necessary aspects of the diagnosis and treatment of their cancer. The Pancreatic Multidisciplinary Cancer Clinic assembles a team of specialized physicians, researchers and clinical support personnel to offer the latest in innovative treatments, procedures and recommended clinical trials. We then provide this information to the patient and referring physician.

The clinic offers true multidisciplinary care for patients affected with or suspected of having pancreatic and biliary diseases, such as:

  • Pancreatic tumors
  • Bile-duct tumors
  • Gallbladder tumors
  • Cystic neoplasms
  • Ampullary tumors
  • Duodenal tumors

We are happy to provide our support to referring physicians in the community who can incorporate the team’s treatment recommendations locally.