Nurse Navigators

How We Can Help You

We designed our Nurse Navigator Program to support you in all aspects of your breast cancer treatment. Our compassionate nurses will link you with as many resources as you need — from physical therapy to psychological support to fertility — making your care path clearer. Whether you have questions about your doctor visits or need help with next steps, our nurses are there for you. Our nurses can:

  • Arrange testing and referrals (the moving of care from one doctor to some other doctor)
  • Make appointments for you
  • Tell you about clinical trials
  • Check your pathology records after surgery
  • Arrange to follow up with your surgeon
  • Give you support for your special needs
  • Follow up with you and answer your questions 
  • Let you know what to expect after surgery and after treatments

Finding Your Nurse Navigator

Your nurse navigator is a valuable part of your care team who will make sure you have what you need to make the best care choices.

Call 310-423-1041 to learn more about our nurse navigators.

Supporting You Every Step of the Way

The road to recovery can be challenging to walk alone. We’re here to help you cope with the stress of cancer, plan for your future and navigate changes in your care.

Experience a Network of Your Peers

Join one of our cancer support groups to connect and inspire others on their cancer journey, attend educational events, and grow stronger through gentle exercise.