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Blood & Marrow Transplant Program

The Blood and Marrow Program was established in 1989 and has since performed more than 1,500 bone marrow transplants, including autologous, allogeneic related and unrelated, and allogeneic cord blood procedures. The program has been a National Marrow Donor Program/Be The Match transplant center since 2001, and is now recognized as a Blue Cross Center of Medical Excellence. This designation is awarded to select hospitals that meet evidence-based standards and provide high-quality care.

The Blood and Marrow Transplant Program performs autologous, allogeneic-related and unrelated, and allogeneic cord blood transplants, using HEPA-filtered, positive pressure rooms to ensure the safety and comfort of patients. The program is one of only two in the country offering bloodless bone marrow transplant to Jehovah's Witnesses with lymphoma, multiple myeloma and other blood cancers.

The Blood and Marrow Transplant Program is accredited by the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT) and the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP). Drawn by our reputation for quality care, patients come from all over Southern California, as well as neighboring states, to take full advantage of the specialized, first-hand experience of our dedicated doctors. Our team approach to care involves oncologists from many different specialties as well as oncology and case management nurses, transfusion medicine specialists, pharmacists, dieticians, psychologists, social workers, and occupational and physical therapists.