Cancer Clinical Trials & Research

For Patients

Through the power of clinical trials, the researchers at Cedars-Sinai discover new opportunities for advancement in cancer research. Whether testing a drug, device, vaccine or other therapy, our goal remains the same. We want to find better ways to treat people with cancer.

What Is a Cancer Clinical Trial?

A clinical trial for cancer is a research study that tests a new treatment. This can be a drug, device, vaccine or other therapy. The goal of this research is to find better ways to treat people with cancer.

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The Clinical Trial Recruitment Navigator at the Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute is responsible for promoting awareness and serves as a central contact for cancer clinical trials.

Services provided:

  • Collaborates with investigators and study teams to develop recruitment strategies for cancer clinical trials
  • Resolves inquiries received through both phone and email
  • Coordinates cancer-related outreach activities for investigators and staff
  • Educates potential research subjects on clinical trial participation
  • Gathers and distributes current clinical trial information to patients, faculty and staff

For more information, contact our Clinical Trial Recruitment Navigator by phone at 310-423-2133, or email and include "Cancer Clinical Trials" in the subject line.

Explore Our Research

A core mission of ours is to quickly turn research findings into safe, useful therapies to discover more effective ways to diagnose, treat and prevent many forms of cancer. Through dedicated research centers and cores, we’re able to develop leading-edge tools to change the medical community.

For Referring Physicians

If you are a medical or surgical oncologist with a patient who might benefit by participating in a clinical trial, our Clinical Trial Recruitment Navigator is here to assist you. Please call 310-423-2133 or email with your requests.

In addition, if you would like to receive our quarterly clinical trial brochure by mail, email to request a copy and include "Brochure Request" in the subject line.

Cancer Clinical Trials Office

Staffed by highly trained professional research personnel, the Cancer Clinical Trials Office is a central office that provides the infrastructure and function for operations of Cancer Clinical Trials at Cedars-Sinai Cancer including its medical network and health system.