Staying Healthy After Cancer                      

To us, total care means more than just treatment. It means support at every stage, from diagnosis to your return back to health. Find out more about your after-treatment options.

Monitor Your Progress

My CS-Link™ makes it easy to maintain your health by letting you schedule appointments and contact your doctor for regular checkups.

Take Your Next Steps

Getting a routine cancer screening can provide early detection and offer peace of mind. Speak with your doctor to determine what screenings you will need.

What's Your Risk?

If you have a family history of cancer, your risk of developing the disease may be increased. We can assess your genetic risk for many types of cancer.

Build Your Community

At Cedars-Sinai, you are never alone on your cancer journey. Discover cancer-related events on our campuses and in our community.

Share Your Cancer Story

Words of encouragement can be as powerful as medicines and treatments for those facing obstacles on their journey back to health. Share your experience to help inspire and empower others.

Get Help and Give Help

We understand that having someone to lean on or being a support option for others is an important part of the healing process. Learn how you can get and give support while facing cancer’s challenges.