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Membership Review and Reappointment

Membership Review

The Cancer Center Support Grant Executive Committee will review eligibility of the applicant and determine appropriate membership category and P30 Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) Program affiliation for members/associate members. The committee members include the following and other ad hoc members as appointed by the Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute director.


Deputy Director
Vice President, Cancer Service Line
Associate Director, Administration
Associate Director, Basic Research
Associate Director, Clinical Research
Associate Director, Biostatistics
Associate Director, Medical Oncology
Associate Director, Surgical Oncology
Associate Director, Radiation Oncology
Associate Director, Medical Network
Associate Director, Faculty Development
Program Director(s), Cancer Biology
Program Director(s), Translational Medicine
Program Director(s), Prevention and Genetics

Membership Reappointment

During the period of preparation for Environmental Appeals Board review or National Cancer Institute (NCI) designation, all members and associate members will have their membership status reviewed for reappointment. Reappointment review will evaluate membership criteria and activities associated with membership responsibilities as detailed above. As a consequence of review, members may have their membership category changed or terminated. In addition, members who join another NCI designated cancer center will have their membership terminated.