Medical Professionals & Postgraduates

The Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute provides a number of services and opportunities for physicians and healthcare professionals.

Whether it’s developing novel screening tools, fine-tuning diagnoses or giving patients access to the most effective treatments, Cedars-Sinai’s robust cancer research leads the way. Learn more about our innovative cancer research, our dedication to the communities we serve and the competitive educational programs we offer.

Samuel Oschin Cancer Institute services are designed to share the medical knowledge and multidisciplinary expertise of the members of the institute's team of specialists and experts. This assures that patients get the most from their treatment at Cedars-Sinai and the best possible treatment for the cancers they have.

Refer Your Patient

If you are a medical professional seeking to refer a patient, please call us at 310-423-8030  or use our online form.

Tumor Boards

To help ensure that Cedars-Sinai provides the best possible care to our patients, we conduct 14 tumor boards/cancer conferences each month. These conferences allow specialists from varying fields to discuss cancer management options, including pretreatment evaluation, staging, treatment strategy and rehabilitation. The cases reviewed represent all major cancer sites and 10 percent of all new cases seen at Cedars-Sinai, and are presented at a time when these discussions can best influence the patient's treatment.

Apply For Cancer Institute Membership

Membership is available to Cedars-Sinai faculty and medical staff who have an interest in cancer, delivery of cancer care, cancer-related research, clinical trials and training.