Patient Stories

Breathing easy to treat cancer

Intraoperative radiation therapy helped Nancy Senter fight breast cancer. It was developed specifically to protect the heart while targeting the cancer cells.

Breast cancer care - one size does not fit all

BRCA gene carrier Ramela Abbamontian wasn't surprised to learn she had breast cancer. A busy mother of three girls, she tackled her diagnosis with the same drive and focus she brings to the rest of her life.

Elaine Taite and Harmik Soukiasian, MD

Elaine Taite believed the course of treatment was clear — and less than hopeful. But a second opinion changed her course — and outcome.

A search for hope and answers

After her ninth recurrence of ovarian cancer, Oraleen Johnson was told she had exhausted all her treatment options. That was before she met Drs. Alain and Monica Mita, co-directors of the Experimental Therapeutics Program.

Breast cancer survivors take Journey to Wellness

Our Journey to Wellness Program helps patients deal with physical and emotional concerns of cancer.