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Patient Educational Program on Diagnosis, Treatment, Integrative Medicine for Brain Tumors

Los Angeles - June 21, 2012 – Brain tumor patients, families and caregivers are invited to an educational conference that will focus on patient empowerment June 23 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

The free, Saturday program, “Outsmarting Brain Tumors,” will feature presentations by Keith L. Black, MD, chair of the Department of Neurosurgery, and other treatment and research experts.

“Our emphasis for this year’s conference is on helping patients and their families understand all aspects of the disease so they can make the best, most informed health care decisions,” said Black, director of the Maxine Dunitz Neurosurgical Institute, director of the Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr., Brain Tumor Center, and the Ruth and Lawrence Harvey Chair in Neuroscience.

The morning session will include:

Terms and definitions
How to select a health care team
Radiation therapy
Surgical decision-making: re-operation
Clinical trials
New and promising treatments
Long-term survivors with brain cancer
How you can get involved
News delivery survey

Breakout Session A will cover:

Patient presentations on surviving brain tumors
Navigating social services
Alternative therapies
Nutrition and exercise
Support groups
End of life care and considerations
Basics of statistics
How the Tumor Board works
The Internet and valid information
Q-and-A sessions

Participants may instead choose to attend Breakout Session B, where doctors will meet individually with patients. First come, first served reservations will be available at check-in; anyone interested should bring scans and medical documentation for review.

Speakers will include:

  • Arash Asher, MD, director of Cancer Survivorship & Rehabilitation at Cedars-Sinai’s Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute
  • Keith L. Black, MD, chair and professor in Cedars-Sinai’s Department of Neurosurgery, director of the Maxine Dunitz Neurosurgical Institute, director of the Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr., Brain Tumor Center, and the Ruth and Lawrence Harvey Chair in Neuroscience
  • Parag Bharadwaj, MD, medical director of Palliative Care Services at Cedars-Sinai
  • Ray M. Chu, MD, neurosurgeon at Cedars-Sinai
  • Doniel Drazin, MD, neurosurgical resident at Cedars-Sinai
  • David Esquith, licensed clinical social worker at Cedars-Sinai
  • Jethro L. Hu, MD, neuro-oncologist at Cedars-Sinai
  • Amin J. Mirhadi, MD, radiation oncologist at Cedars-Sinai
  • Miriam Nuno, PhD, senior biostatistician and assistant professor in the Department of Neurosurgery at Cedars-Sinai
  • Chirag G. Patil, MD, director of the Center for Neurosurgical Outcomes Research at Cedars-Sinai
  • Surasak Phuphanich, MD, director of the Neuro-Oncology Program at Cedars-Sinai
  • Veronica Porsche, PsyD, clinical psychologist at Cedars-Sinai
  • Lucy Postolov, licensed acupuncturist at Cedars-Sinai
  • Alyssa Tennenbaum, registered dietitian at Cedars-Sinai
  • John S. Yu, MD, director of Surgical Neuro-oncology at Cedars-Sinai, medical director of the Brain Tumor Center, neurosurgical director of the Gamma Knife Program, and professor and vice chair in the Department of Neurosurgery

The conference, supported by Cancer Support Community, National Brain Tumor Society, the Musella Foundation and Genentech, Inc., will run from 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. at Cedars-Sinai’s Harvey Morse Auditorium, Plaza Level, South Tower, 8700 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles. The event, lunch and parking are free but seating is limited and registration is required. For more information or to register, visit www.cedars-sinai.edu/neuroptconf or call 1-800-CEDARS-1 (1-800-233-2771).