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News-Medical: Breast Radiologist Explains Benefits of 3D Mammography

News-Medical, an online open-access medical and life science hub, recently wrote how about the safety and effectiveness of 3D mammography, according to Cynthia Litwer, MD, chief of breast imaging at Cedars-Sinai. 

Also known as digital breast tomosynthesis, 3D mammography has become more readily available throughout the nation, although many patients are unclear if they should opt-into this newer technology.

But Litwer makes her position on 3D mammography very clear.

“I recommend 3D mammograms for all women,” Litwer told News-Medical. “They pick up more cancers because they're not obscured by dense breast tissue. That is true for all women, of all ages and all levels of breast density.”

In the article, Litwer answers several questions often asked by patients, including how the technology differs from previous technologies, the advantages of 3D imagery over 2D imagery, and the technicalities of the imaging scan itself.

Litwer also discusses who should get 3D mammograms and at what age they should start them.

“All women should get them, especially if they have dense breasts,” said Litwer, who added that about 50% of women do indeed have dense breast tissue.

Litwer adds that “yearly screening should start at age 40 for patients with an average risk for breast cancer.” But, for women with a gene mutation such as BRCA 1 or BRCA 2, or those with a strong family history of breast cancer, Litwer suggests patients “should consult with their physicians, but normally we recommend they get their first 3D mammograms at age 30.”

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