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CNN.com: RSV in Children―Symptoms, Treatment and What Parents Should Know

CNN.com and the Los Angeles Times recently interviewed Cedars-Sinai pediatric infectious disease specialist Priya Soni, MD, and Ira Wardono, MD, a pediatric hospitalist at Providence Cedars-Sinai Tarzana Medical Center, about the early surge of RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) cases and how parents can best care for their children.

A common respiratory virus, RSV causes mild cold-like symptoms in most adults. But it can be dangerous for babies and children under 2, especially if they develop a severe cough or wheezing, or if they’re having trouble breathing.

Soni told CNN.com that parents should be vigilant, watching their children for more serious symptoms.

“Parents should be really astute to any changes, like in their [child’s] activity and their appetite, and then pay particular attention to any signs of respiratory distress,” she said.

Symptoms of RSV can be similar to those of other respiratory illnesses also on the rise, including flu and COVID-19. Soni said parents shouldn’t hesitate to consult a physician who can diagnose the cause of their child’s illness.

“You may need to take your baby to be evaluated sooner rather than later,” Soni told CNN.com.

Though RSV usually peaks in the winter, hospitals nationwide are reporting an early surge.

“Healthcare experts are worried about the confluence of RSV, flu and COVID-19 as we move into the winter,” Soni said in the Los Angeles Times story. “The overlap of these three viruses, as well as others, is definitely a big concern for the next few months.”

Wardono added that patients are even testing positive for more than one virus.

“One thing parents can do is make sure their children get their flu shots and COVID-19 boosters where appropriate,” Wardono said in the Los Angeles Times story.

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