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Cedars-Sinai Pancreatic, Lung Cancer Experts Available for Interviews Throughout November Awareness Month

Experts from Cedars-Sinai Cancer Can Explain Newest Research, Treatment Options


November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month as well as National Lung Cancer Awareness Month, and experts from Cedars-Sinai Cancer are available to discuss theDan Theodorescu, MD, PhD newest research and treatment options.

Recent Cedars-Sinai-led research projects in pancreatic cancer and lung cancer include:

·       A study that examined cancer-related health disparities in Los Angeles County and concluded that Black people have higher rates of pancreatic cancer than people in other racial and ethnic groups. The study also showed that people who identify as LGBTQ+ have higher rates of risk factors for lung cancer than people who identify with other groups.

·       A preclinical study published in the peer-reviewed journal Gastroenterology in which Cedars-Sinai investigators discovered a novel three-step treatment that disrupts the pancreatic tumor microenvironment in laboratory mice.

·       A Phase II clinical trial led by Cedars-Sinai Cancer and published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Clinical Oncology, indicating that an immunotherapy drug combination could extend the lives of patients diagnosed with advanced non-small cell lung cancer.


Dan Theodorescu, MD, PhD, director of Cedars-Sinai Cancer and the PHASE ONE Distinguished Chair, is available to discuss precision medicine and its role in cancer treatment, including the innovative Molecular Twin Initiative to personalize cancer treatment.

Karen L. Reckamp, MD, director of Medical Oncology and co-director of the Lung Cancer Tumor Board at Cedars-Sinai Cancer, is an expert on novel therapies and biomarkersKaren Reckamp, MD for lung cancer, including targeted therapies.

Sukhmani Padda, MD, director of Thoracic Medical Oncology, is working to expand clinical trials and translational research to improve outcomes for patients with lung cancer. She can discuss optimal sequencing of lung cancer therapies.

Harmik Soukiasian, MD, is director of the Division of Thoracic Surgery at Cedars-Sinai and a robotic surgery expert. He can speak about streamlined surgical options for patients with suspected lung cancer.

Robert Haile, DrPh, MPH, director of the Cancer Research Center for Health Equity and the Cedars-Sinai Chair in Population Health Sciences, can address cancer-related health disparities.

Arsen Osipov, MD, program lead in the Pancreatic Cancer Multidisciplinary Clinic and the Precision Medicine Program at Cedars-Sinai Cancer, is available for interviews about all aspects of pancreatic cancer, including the latest available treatments for immunotherapy-resistant pancreatic cancer.

Andrew Hendifar, MD, MPH, medical director of the Pancreatic Cancer Program at Cedars-Sinai Cancer, is available to discuss the latest cutting-edge therapies for pancreatic cancer and neuroendocrine tumors, including anti-inflammatory therapy.


“Physician-scientists from Cedars-Sinai Cancer are dedicated to educating the public—during awareness months and year-round—as part of our mission to spread the word about cancer risk factors and the latest treatments available to improve the lives of patients,” Theodorescu said.


Cedars-Sinai can facilitate virtual interviews, including on Zoom, FaceTime and Skype.


Christina Elston can help schedule your interview. Call her at 626-298-0702 or email christina.elston@cshs.org.

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