Shared Leadership Council

At Cedars-Sinai, we’ve elevated our Shared Leadership structure to ensure that nurses at all levels have a voice. Each month for a full day, clinical nurses and formal nurse leaders come together to discuss important issues that impact their clinical practice and the work environment.

Shared Leadership Council

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Shared Leadership Council

Role Clarity

Understanding roles and accountabilities is essential to creating high-functioning teams and the future nurse leaders of tomorrow. We’ve equipped and empowered our nurses to partner with formal leaders in important decision-making—this builds trust.

2 female nurses and 1 male nurse in looking at a monitor

Unit Councils

Cedars-Sinai has Shared Leadership Councils in 36 areas, representing nurses from across all practice areas. These councils address clinical practice opportunities related to their unique patient population, operations, or professional growth and development.

Housewide Councils

Cedars-Sinai has six Housewide Shared Leadership Councils that align with the strategic priorities of nursing.

Education & Informatics

Promotes clinical competency and strategically explores how technology can enhance patient care and nursing workflows.

Practice & Work Environment

Evaluates & implements practice standards, policies, protocols & guidelines and addresses ethical and workplace violence concerns to ensure a healthy work environment.

Patient Experience & Quality Outcomes

Oversees the development, implementation and evaluation of quality improvement initiatives, and addresses patient education materials and programs.

Staff Experience & Professional Development

Promotes professional growth and development opportunities, supports retention & recruitment efforts, recognition efforts and promotes community service.

Interprofessional Coordinating Council

Integrates and monitors the activities of all councils and addresses requests that involve systemwide structures or processes that require resource allocation.

Nursing Executive Council

Fosters a culture of nursing excellence by providing leadership, coordination and support that align with the Nursing Strategic Plan and tenets of Magnet.

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