New Graduate Residency Program

The Geri and Richard Brawerman Nursing Institute at Cedars-Sinai developed a 12-month nurse residency curriculum—24 clinical orientation shifts—as part of its commitment to ensuring the successful transition of new graduate nurses into the practice environment.

Accrediated Practice Transition Program by American Nurses Credentialing Center

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Program Overview

All new graduates are hired as Clinical Nurse I (CN I) in their first year of practice, which is the first level on the clinical ladder. All new graduates participate in the yearlong program.

Monthly Workshops

New graduates attend monthly workshops consisting of lectures, hands-on skills labs, simulation lab case scenarios, group presentations and support rounds.

24 Clinical Orientation Shifts

Each new graduate will have 24 shifts of clinical orientation on their assigned unit with an assigned preceptor to obtain their clinical experience.

Ongoing Follow-Up

Ongoing support equips new graduates to build a strong foundation of nursing excellence, become skilled clinicians, and provide safe patient care.

Promotion Potential

Based on their clinical performance, new graduates may be promoted to a Clinical Nurse II (CN II) between nine and 12 months.

Nursing Support

Cedars-Sinai Nurse walking with patient down hospital hall.

Clinical nurse specialists, human resources, unit leadership and the Institute have added specific process and curriculum changes, such as documentation within our electronic medical record (EMR) system and overall improvements to the patient experience. Additional adjustments include:

  • A new graduate interview process
  • Routine program evaluations
  • New skills lab and sim lab case scenarios
  • Additional educator liaison roles for ongoing support

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