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South Tower Suite 1690

What we do

Cedars-Sinai is home to a state-of-the-art blood donation facility that has 13 comfortable donor chairs - seven of which are e-chairs that allow donors to watch television, movies and surf the Internet while they give. Hours may vary. Please call before you visit.

Getting There

South Tower is located at 8700 Gracie Allen Drive between San Vicente Boulevard and George Burns Road. For drop-off, go to the South Tower Street Lobby at 8700 Gracie Allen Drive between Sherbourne Drive and George Burns Road. Valet parking is available curbside at the South Tower Street Lobby and in the North Tower Parking lot. Self-parking is available in the Spielberg Parking and North Tower Parking lots. Take the South Tower elevator to the Plaza Level. For parking rates and hours of operation, please visit cedars-sinai.org/parking

Check-In Desk:
South Tower Suite 1690

Wayfinding for Blood Donor Services

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