Master of Science in Magnetic Resonance in Medicine Faculty

The Master of Science in Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (MSMRM) faculty is composed of leading experts throughout Cedars-Sinai, including a past president of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, many National Institutes of Health research grant awardees, and internationally renowned scientists and physicians. Most faculty members have joint appointments with clinical departments at Cedars-Sinai, which contribute to the broad clinical exposure that is a hallmark of the program.

Program Leadership

Debiao Li, PhD
MSMRM Program Director
Wafa Tawackoli, PhD
MSMRM Associate Program Director
Course Directors

Daniel Berman, MD
Clinical Rotations
Barry Pressman, MD
Clinical Rotations
Damini Dey, PhD
Introduction to Biomedical Imaging
Rohan Dharmakumar, PhD
Clinical Applications of MR Imaging
Zhaoyang Fan, PhD
MR Technical Developments and Advanced Imaging
Wei Gao, PhD
Functional Imaging and Image Analysis
Debiao Li, PhD
Physics of MR Imaging
Behzad Sharif, PhD
Principles of Biomedical Signals and Imaging
Anthony Christodoulou, PhD
Principles of Biomedical Signals and Imaging
Wafa Tawackoli, PhD
Intro to Human Physiology and Anatomy, MR Imaging Planning, Construction and Management
Program Administration

Linda E. King

Graduate Research Education Manager

Alysia Caldwell

MSMRM Program Coordinator


Have Questions or Need Help?

For inquiries, please contact Wafa Tawackoli, PhD, Associate Program Director.

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