Current Residents

Morgan Barr, MD

University of Central Florida, College of Medicine

Gabriela Dellapiana, MD

University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine

Cholene Espinoza, MD

St. George’s University, School of Medicine

Meenal Misal, MD

University of Arizona, College of Medicine

Matthew Morin, MD

Drexel-Hahnemann University, School of Medicine

Alyssa Wield, MD

Chicago Medical School

Kelly Joy, MD

Keck School of Medicine

Wendy Kim, MD

UC Irvine, School of Medicine

Leah Marsh, MD

Ohio State University, College of Medicine

Kimberly Moyle, MD

Chicago Medical School 

Oliva Muramoto, MD

UC Davis, School of Medicine

Itai Ronen, MD

Sackler School of Medicine

Chloe Bass, MD

Wayne State University, School of Medicine

Diahnn Campbell, MD

UC Irvine, School of Medicine

Lindsay Gubernick, MD

New York University, School of Medicine

Catherine John, MD

Oregon Health & Science School of Medicine

Salena Loredo, MD

University of Arizona, School of Medicine

Kristin Parrinella, MD

UC San Diego, School of Medicine

Alix Perry, MD

Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

Victoria Cerda, MD

UC Irvine, School of Medicine

Roy Handelsman, MD

University of Miami, School of Medicine

Farnaaz Kia, MD

University of Minnesota, Medical School

Candace Levian, MD

Virginia Commonwealth University, School of Medicine

Erica Malagon-Blackwell, MD

Northwestern University, School of Medicine

Andrea Molina, MD

Boston University, School of Medicine

Katherine VanHise, MD

Pennsylvania State University, College of Medicine


3rd Year
Heidi Chang, MD

Gynecology Oncology

Emily Landers, MD

Gynecology Oncology

Melissa Wong, MD

Maternal-Fetal Medicine 

Nikhil Joshi, MD

Repro Endo & Infertility

Temeka Kincy, MD

Repro Endo & Infertility

2nd Year
Zachary Schwartz, MD

Gynecology Oncology

Shravya Govindappagari, MD

Maternal Fetal Medicine

Laura Eisman, MD

Repro Endo & Infertility

1st Year
Courtney Penn, MD

Gynecology Oncology

Sarah Smithson, DO

Maternal Fetal Medicine 

Sahar Wertheimer, MD

Repro Endo & Infertility

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Caroline Boyd, Academic Program Coordinator