Publications by Endovascular Neurosurgery Fellowship Fellows

Here is a selected list of recent key research publications that include participation by Endovascular Neurosurgery fellows.

  • Alexander MJ, Chowdhary A. "Post-Operative Management Strategies," Chapter 20, in Endovascular Surgical Neuroradiology: Theory and Clinical Practice, ed. Prestigiacomo CJ, New York, NY: Thieme; 2014, pp 189-197.
  • Eboli P*, Schiraldi M, Alexander MJ. "Mechanical Revascularization with Embolectomy Devices," Chapter 7, in Thrombolytic Therapy for Acute Stroke, 3rd ed., ed. Lyden PD. New York, NY: Springer; 2015, pp 135-147.
  • Drazin D, Jeswani S, Shirzadi A, Choulakian A, Alexander MJ, Palestrant D, Schievink WI. Anterior Spinal Artery Syndrome in a patient with vasospasm secondary to a ruptured cervical dural arteriovenous fistula. J Neuroimaging. 2014;24:88-91
  • Eboli P, Ryan RW, Alexander JE, Alexander MJ. Evolving role of endovascular treatment for MCA bifurcation aneurysms. Case series of 184 aneurysms and review of the literature. Neurol Res. 2014;36(4):332-8.
  • Eboli P, Ryan RW, Alexander MJ. General technical considerations for the endovascular management of cerebral aneurysms. Neurosurg Clin N Am. 2014 Jul;25(3):395-404.

*Current fellow

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